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Jeff Brown Bail Bonds 937-224-1000 Jeff Brown Bail Bonds in Dayton

Shelby County Bail Bonds 937-492-0555

Shelby County Bail Bonds 037-492-0555 Sidney Ohio. Fast 24 hours located at 201 W. Court St.  Sidney

Shelby County Bail Bonds 937-492-0555 in Sidney Ohio

Shelby County Bail Bonds is located at 201 W. Court Street in downtown Sidney Ohio.  We are conveniently located across the street from the police station (where bonds are posted after hours).  Shelby County Bail Bonds is proud to serve Sidney and all of Ohio. bail bondsmen shelby county jail

Shelby County Bail Bonds 937-492-0555 in Sidney Ohio

Shelby County Bail Bonds 937-492-0555 serving Shelby County for fast 24 hour bail bond service.  We have provided bail bonds in Sidney and surrounding area for over 20 years.   Agents are available to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We have competitive agents that work hard to help assist getting your loved one out of jail.  We understand that bad things happen to good people.  Our professional agents will walk you through the process every step of the way.  We are always available.

Shelby County Bail Bonds 937-492-0555 in Sidney Ohio

Our agents are dedicated to be the best.  Jeff has worked in the bail industry and in public education since 1997.  Jeff is a Wittenberg University graduate who excelled on the baseball field while at Wittenberg Jeff Led the Nation in batting average with a .500 batting average (First Team All-America).  Jeff Bail Bonds has a team of hard working agents that are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Jeff Brown Bail Bonds is an innovative business that was built by local agents that will go the extra mile to provide quality service.  Hard work and deicated to the bail business, call Jeff Brown Bail Bonds.

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We have Licensed and Trained Bail Bondsman who will help arrange release on Bail for your loved one. We are open 24 hours to serve you in all Ohio. When you call in the late of the night or early morning hours for a BAIL BOND, We will Answer!

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Career- in Bail Bonds

Jeff Brown Bail Bonds is looking for an assertive self-starter who thrives in a competitive environment and industry. As a leading Ohio Bail Bond agency, Jeff Brown Bail Bonds is at the top of the bail industry assisting defendants and their families for over 20 years.

Our team is expanding and is always looking for new members. Whether you’ve been in the industry or are looking to get started in your bail bonds career, we interested in finding the right position for you. We have opportunities throughout Ohio. Contact us for more information.


*High school degree or equivalent

*Eligible to obtain Bail License in the state of Ohio

*Clean criminal record

*Ohio driver’s license and reliable transportation

*Willing to work any shift.

*Excellent communication skills

*Experience working with people from varied backgrounds

*Ability to travel to local county jails and courthouses

*Provide skip tracing and recovery

*Basic computer skills and proficiency in basic office software (Microsoft Word, Excel)

*Customer service oriented


*Efficiently underwrite potential bonds  and administer bond paperwork while screening all co-signers and defendants as potential clients.

*Handle telephone calls at various hours throughout the day/night.

*Travel to county courts and jails  to process bail bond paperwork and visit defendants

*The ability to generate business with prospective clients.

* Data look up for defendant’s background and completing weekly reports

*Must be willing to work any shift 24/7 to assist with phone calls and posting bonds.

*Efficiently underwrite potential bonds.

Display their FAQs

QUESTION: What is a bail bond?

ANSWER:  A bail bond is a contract through a surety bail bond company that guarantees the court full payment of the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court.  An indemnitor (co-signer) signs the agreement taking on financial responsibility if the defendant fails to appear to court.

QUESTION: What information do I need to get someone bonded out of jail?

ANSWER:  When you call a bail bonds agent, you will need to provide the defendant's name, date of birth, location of the jail, charges, and bail bond amount.  If you do not have the information, we can still , but it will take more time to get bond complete and loved one released from jail.

QUESTION:  Do I get my money back?

ANSWER:  No.  Bail is non-refundable.  Once the bond has been posted and the defendant has been released, the bail bond company, insurance company and indemnitor are at risk on the total bond amount. Once this occurs, the premium has been earned by the company.

Question: Do you offer payment plans to help on bail premium?

Answer:  YES, we at Jeff Brown Bail Bonds offer flexible payment plans weekly, biweekly, etc...  We accept credit card payments as well.

Shelby County Bail Bonds 937-492-0555 in Sidney Ohio

Shelby County Bail Bonds

Shelby County Bail Bonds located at 201 W. Court St. in Sidney Ohio.  Fast 24 our bail bond service.  Directly across the jail from the police station.